Confusion over Free Range Guidelines

Eggs are in the news this week with speculation as to what is and what isn’t a “free range egg”. Seems the dispute is over how many hens can be confined into a specific sized area. Free Range could mean 1500 hens per Hectare or as many as 10,000 hens per hectare. Here at Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs we have approximately 30 hens per hectare, that’s right 30. So our “stocking rate is by “free range” standards, ridiculously low. We don’t consider stocking rate to be relevant but rather its the ability of our chickens to be able to move to new pasture and allow the area they were on to regenerate. This is truly sustainable and makes for good practical farming. Our hens thrive on new bio diverse pastures and produce exquisite tasting eggs. Hence the reason we use the term “pastured” so you know our eggs come from a truly sustainable system.  Unfortunately we have to by law have the words “free range” on our egg cartons but with the way the term is used we’d prefer to use the term pastured.  So if you are looking for exquisite tasting eggs then perhaps try ours, once you have had an Adelaide Hills Pastured Egg, there is no going back! Its simply nutrition by nature.