Banjo makes Three

First it was Tom, who worked on his own from 10 months old, learning his trade as a Livestock Guardian Dog and when things got busy along came Ruby. Ruby was a rescue dog from Maremma Rescue Victoria. Gentle and shy she learned alongside her new best friend Tom. Together that have kept the chickens safe working very well as a pair.

And Banjo makes three. Banjo is another rescue dog who was left at a council in country Victoria. Now re homed at Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs we are delighted to have such a gentle and fun loving boy looking after our girls. It was all systems go at his first induction day being shown the ropes by Tom & Ruby. He’s young and still has a lot of training to do but feel he’ll fit in perfectly with our now older and seasoned Maremma’s.

Maremmas work well in a social group and having Banjo on board will mean that extra security for our chickens. Banjo passed the Tom & Ruby inspection test and were out patrolling the paddocks together as a group the same day. Banjo couldn’t be happier, 80 acres to roam over and livestock to protect. We are over the moon to say Banjo makes three.20161031_082609_065_resized