Pastured Eggs creating a Niche Market from confusion over Free Range Guidelines

Consumers, albeit discerning consumers are the winners when it comes to Pastured Eggs. They are getting what is effectively what consumers believe is a ‘true’ free range egg even though nowadays consumers do not trust the term free range. The ABC has hit the nail on the head as consumers are flocking (pardon the pun) to Pasture raised eggs for consistency and quality. As a pastured eggs producer we go that extra step and have our pastures analyzed by the Southern Cross University to ensure that the nutrition is there for our hens. We keep our stocking densities very low which simply makes good farming sense. Our pastures are regenerating and improving all the time rather than being treated as a resource to be used up and depleted.  So when choosing quality eggs make sure you go for pasture raised as being the best of the best. At Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs its simply Nutrition by nature.


Our New Egg Grader has arrived

Up until now we have collected, polished, candled and weighed every egg by hand. This is a time consuming process usually done late at night or just before the markets to make sure our customers are getting the freshest eggs possible. So don’t you think we are a tad eggcited (sic) with our new egg grading and candling machine.  .

The kids are excited at how easy the new grader is to use.

Rainbows and Pastured Eggs.

The weather has been a bit wet, but in amongst all the rain our new girls are getting rainbows and have even started laying eggs. The pastures are green and packed full of all the nutrients our chooks need to produce nutrient dense eggs. Its simply nutrition by nature. As always Tom & Ruby are close at hand to make sure the girls are safe.

More Chooks, More Rain, more eggs and spectacular sunrises

What more could you ask for? Our new chickens have arrived and settling in despite the wind and rain. It wont be long before we have more nutrient dense eggs available. The rain has been wonderful but our girls are saying enough is enough. With glorious sunrises like this one its only a matter of time before the warm sunny days are upon us again.20160730_065924

Eggs, Pasture, Maremma protection and Nutrition by Nature

A picture tells a thousand words. At Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs our Chickens roam nutrient dense pastures 24/7. They get to express themselves as only chickens can. Whether it is scratching for bugs, climbing on branches and trees, eating grasses legumes or herbs or providing us with yummy eggs a chicken should be free to do whatever she wants. Our girls love the fact they are protected by Tom & Ruby and our two Maremma’s are often seen on reconnaissance patrols or on top of a hill watching and observing from a distance. No cages or Barns here, its pasture and the freedom to roam. Its simply Nutrition by nature.




Love is in the Air!

We are very proud to announce a new member to the Adelaide Hills Pastured Egg Family, her name is Ruby, and to say Tom is happy is an understatement. Ruby is a 2yo Maremma from Maremma Rescue Victoria, who needed to be re homed and hasn’t she fitted straight in with Tom. Love is definitely in the air and its pleasing to see both dogs working together. Ruby hasn’t been housed with so many hens before and she’ll need to work out if she doesn’t eat fast enough then the girls will clean her bowl faster than you can say Jack Rabbit! But she’s a natural with hens and under Tom’s guidance we’re convinced she’ll make a wonderful guardian for our chickens. You can tell from the photo’s that Tom’s a wee bit excited with his new “friend.”