Choice Australia updates the “Good Egg” list with Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs

Choice Australia now has Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs on the “good egg list.”

Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs is one of 3 SA egg producers with less than 100 hens per Ha. This is a long way short of the allowed 10,000 hens per Ha. Most if not all small producers are lobbying for a new gold standard so that our eggs are sold with a point of difference rather than “crammed in like sardines” free range egg producers with stocking densities closer to 10,000. I personally think 10,000 would be like living your entire life at a rock concert, noisy and over crowded. At significantly lower stocking rates (we are at 30 hens per Ha) the hens have the freedom to express themselves as nature intended, they can dust bathe, scratch and search to seeds, bugs and green grass. Our hens live permanently on pasture and so we think the new gold standard should be “Pastured” eggs. At Adelaide Hills Pastured eggs we pride ourselves on being sustainable and regenerative farmers offering exquisite tasting eggs. Its simply Nutrition by nature.

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