Good Morning….The benefits of Sunshine!

Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs produce the most exquisite eggs you’ve ever tasted. Bold statement yes, but the facts is that chickens need sunshine to produce eggs rich in Vitamin A & D. Which is why our girls are up early every morning foraging on nutrient rich pastures in the glow of the rising sun. Which is why pastured eggs from chickens living permanently outdoors taste so damn good. Factory farmed chickens miss out on all this and so do the people who eat them. So if you want the best, come and taste whats on offer at Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs, and a “top o the morning to you” from our girls!WP_20151023_009

2 thoughts on “Good Morning….The benefits of Sunshine!

    1. Hi Wayne, unfortunately we don’t have a distribution point close to Adelaide. We do sell via the Hahndorf Fruit & Veg, and every Saturday at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market in Mount Barker.
      We also sell out every week of eggs and have plans to increase production in July this year. We have a waiting list of businesses that wish to stock our eggs and we should have them for sale closer to Adelaide then. If all all else fails come for a drive (Autumn in the hills is spectacular) and pick some up.


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